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VMworld 2009 - San Francisco, CA

I've been working in a virtualized environment now for a good 12 - 14 months and I have to say I'm very impressed with everything.  VMware has really got their stuff together and I have even enjoyed using their vSphere Web Services SDK.  It is complicated to understand at first but once you grasp the high-level layout and structure of their environment it is much nicer than other 3rd party APIs I've used in the past.

Because of my recent work in this area I'm getting to travel to VMworld 2009 in San Francisco, CA this year and I'm stoked.  It should be a real blast and contain tons of information for developers looking to implement solutions provided out of the various SDKs that VMware provides.  I hope to provide daily highlights to let everyone know what is going on (no, I don't believe in twitter)!

- Gilemonster


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